What We Do

The Whitlawburn Community Energy Project is here to save you money on your energy bills by offering personal, practical advice on ways you can save energy in your home.

We provide three ways in which we can give you information and advice on how to save energy, reduce your bills and help tackle climate change in Scotland.

Drop in information service

Our energy drop in sessions are here to answer any queries you have for your home, these can be "What does this mean on my electricity bill", "How do I program my thermostat" or any other question you feel is relevant to your circumstances.

The sessions run from 1pm to 2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, no need to book just pop on by and we will help you out.

Home visits

If you would like to receive a home visit from our energy officers, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Home visits allow us to provide customised advice that is directly relevant to your needs, we can program radiators, thermostats and other appliances so you can get the most energy efficient use within your home.

We can offer advice on the following areas:

Bill Advice

We can provide advice on how to cut down the cost of your energy bills and how to read your bills to make sure your not paying more than what you should.

Thermostat Setup

One of our energy advisors will come to you home and setup you thermostat so that it will meet the needs and requirements you need.

Heating Advice

Our advisors will provide you with the best ways to make your heating system as effective and efficient as it can be.

Understanding Your Meter

You will be shown how to read your meter yourself, so that you can take full control over your bills and make sure you’re paying for only the energy that you are using and no more.

Draught proofing

Get advice on how to keep your house free from draughts during the cold weather and make sure the heat stays inside your home.

Reducing Food Waste

Learn how to reduce the food waste that your home produces by recycling your waste instead of just throwing it away.

Group workshops

We will be running workshops on a monthly basis to give you tips, advice and helpful information on how to save energy and money.

These workshops will consist of debates, fun quizes, interactive games and other helpful, fun and interesting ways to save money. Details of upcoming group workshops will be posted on the Whitlawburn Community Resource Centre website.

Home visit referral form

Get in touch with us using the contact form below if you want to book a home visit from one of our Energy Awareness Advisors.

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